Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's the Noah Show !!!

I'm not quite sure how Glenn actually posts videos right on our blog, and since he is upstairs putting Noah to bed I can't ask him. :) So...I figured I would just post a link to two videos of Noah from his first week home. The first is of him being his silly, adorable self! The second is of the director of our agency calling to talk to him. ( She likes to talk to all of the babies when they first come home to try to comfort them and fill the void of missing their foster mommies. It is very, very sweet!! )
Just click here to view:


  1. Very cute videos! I loved it when she said omma/appa and sending him kisses over phone. Pretty funny that he hung up on her also. Oops. That was some good copying sound her intonation of speech, Noah! Awesome!