Sunday, June 28, 2009

Two More Baby Showers!!

Glenn and I were both totally surprised and touched when we each were given a baby shower at work. Our bosses and co-workers were so unbelievably generous. Glenn's shower was about two weeks ago. As someone who hates to be the center of attention, he just about died when he walked into a "supposed meeting" and saw his entire company standing there yelling "surprise!!" How cool that they threw a shower for a guy!!!! He was truly blown away by it all.
My second shower was on Saturday. I have only been at my new job for three months now, so you can imagine how shocked I was that the girls did such a completely heartfelt thing for me. They too were way too generous with both the gifts and all of the food that they prepared. It was a nice little party right in the salon at the end of the day. I'm so ridiculously oblivious half of the time that it wasn't too difficult to pull one over on me!!
Glenn and I are just so thankful to have jobs and co-workers that we love. It has been so wonderful to be surrounded by so much support and excitement not only from friends and family but at our jobs as well.
Unfortunately I don't have any photos from Glenn's shower ( which he is quite fine with!) or from mine just yet, but this is a photo of all of my beautiful co-workers that was used for an ad before I started working there. Are they all totally gorgeous, or what?!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rockin it baby style!

One of our friends gave us a really cool CD of lullabies for our baby boy Noah that is all Bob Marley tunes reimagined into lullabies. Cool!!!! I checked out the website for the company (Rockabye Baby) and there is a bunch of other great stuff. I picked up the ones shown and every one of them is great. I also found out that they are just a bit cheaper on So go check it out and let me know what you think.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Animal Crackers in my soup!!!

Word of advice to all of you out 12:30 A.M. when you can't sleep and are totally wide awake and are upstairs watching reruns of Frasier on Lifetime in bed and you decide maybe a little snack might help.....DO NOT, I repeat..DO NOT go downstairs and get a box of animal crackers, bring them back upstairs and eat them in bed while sharing them with your dog ( who crunches rather loudly, I might add) when your husband is asleep!!! He will wake up, ask "what are you doing???!!", ask you to turn off the tv and take your animal crackers elsewhere. You will then decide you better go downstairs and within five minutes your husband will follow you down because now HE can't sleep.

And that is why I am writing a blog post at 1:15 a.m.


Monday, June 22, 2009

Noah's Birthday Presents!

Glenn and I had a grand 'ole time picking out some toys for Noah. Every child has to have a See 'N Say, right?!! ( although this toy now reminds me of a very funny episode of "King of Queens" I saw one night recently where Doug, his father-in-law and friend decide to use it to gamble and place bets on which animal it will land on!! Funny stuff!!) Glenn couldn't wait to pick out a big Tonka truck and I decided that Noah had to have a Little People Noah's Ark. ( yes, because his name is Noah :) Hurry up and get here Noah so you can play with all of your new toys!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day to my Glenny and to my Dad!!

I am so happy to finally be able to say those words to Glenn. I can't wait to see him and Noah together and watch their relationship grow as I know that Glenn will truly be the most amazing father. As much as I won't be looking forward to going back to working on Saturdays ( after taking a few off when Noah gets here) I do know that Glenn will enjoy having the day to himself with Noah. They will be the "Dynamic Duo" every Saturday having boy time together! What fun they will have!!! Happy 1st Father's Day, Glenny!!

I also must wish MY amazing Dad a Happy Dad's dad as well. You really couldn't pick a better father than mine. He has been so good to me my entire life. Whatever choices I have made he has stood by me and he has always made me feel loved and cared for. Whether he was verbally telling me or sending me one of the many, many cards I've received from him over the years...I always have known how much he loves me. I love you Pop!!!

These are some of my favorite photos of Glenny and Dad. Glenny and I got married in Kauai. (thanks to the amazingly generous gift of the trip from my parents) It was a dream wedding and vacation that we shared with my parents and it wouldn't have been the same if they weren't there with us. One of the things that my father HAD to do was take a helicopter trip, so we were more than happy to go along! It was one of the most amazing things I think we have all ever done and I don't think I've ever seen my dad have a bigger smile!! Hopefully one day we will make it back to the beautiful island of the meantime it has become my "happy place" that I go to whenever I am stressed :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Noah Lee!!!!!

Yes.... today our baby boy turns ONE!!! As much as Glenn and I truly wish that Noah was here with us today to celebrate, we are sure that his foster mom is making it a very special day for him. We knew deep down that it was a longshot that he'd be home by now, but I think secretly we were both wishing for a miracle. Rather than being sad today about what we don't have right now I am instead thinking of Noah's birthmother and what a significant day this will always be for her. Wherever she is, I can only imagine that her beautiful son has been in her thoughts all day today. I can only imagine that she is wondering where he is.....what he looks like now.....if he is being taken care of.....the list must go on and on. It must be an extremely emotional day for her today as well.
One thing is for certain.....Noah will grow up knowing that he is such a lucky boy to have three moms ( and of course an amazing Dad!!!) who love him unconditionally.

Happy First Birthday, Noah!! We love you!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Feeling a bit sad today.......

Well, tomorrow is officially three months to the day that we received our referral of Noah and first set eyes on his cute little face. It generally takes between three and five months from the time of your referral to your child coming home. As much as I have been telling myself that it could very possibly take the full five months, I have seen people get very lucky and get their travel call right at the three month mark and I guess I have been secretly hoping that we would be that lucky as well. Noah's first birthday is on Saturday, and Glenn and I wanted so much to be with him for such a big day......but at this point I am not counting on it.

My pity party will end tonight. I think I will take a long soak in the tub to drown my sorrows of the day :( Tomorrow is a new day and I will just keep telling myself that Noah will be here soon.....he will get here when he is meant to.

( Ohhh, and this is one of my favorite photos that Glenn took on a trip we took to Cape May. We call this photo "The Saddest Seagull" I kinda feel like him right now.)

Monday, June 8, 2009

FLIP Video

I talked Coll into the idea that I needed a pocket video camera "for Noah!" Its called The Flip Mino HD and its friggin great. Its about the size of a cell phone, well a little bigger and fatter, kinda like the phone I had back in 1998 but still.....  The video quality is pretty good but the ease of use and the built in USB makes it a homerun. 
It cost around $200 bucks. Out the door price of around $250 with the extra warrantee, cables and shipping. You can find it here

Next: I think Noah needs a xbox 360! Sweet! I love having a kid!!!

Click below to see a sample video (look for the HD button if your machine can take it)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Noah's Nursery is done!!

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! My bookshelf is hung!

Just wanted everyone to see my amazing brother-in-law who built the bookshelf I got for my shower gift. He was kind enough to come over yesterday to help Glenn hang it on the wall. We absolutely love it and are so touched that he went out of his way to make such a special gift for us and Noah! We love you Jim!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

More Baby Shower photos!

My Baby Shower!!!!

What an amazing day yesterday was! My family threw me the most wonderful baby shower a girl could ever want. It was such a special day with so many friends and family members there to celebrate with. The shower was held at my parents house and my mom, sister and sister-in-law worked so hard to make everything just perfect. The decorations were adorable, the food and desserts were so yummy and I've never seen such a huge pile of gifts! I am so unbelievably blessed to have so many people in my life that are truly beyond excited for Noah's arrival.

The entire day was filled with one touching surprise after another. My mom ordered an adorable cake that not only had a photo of Noah, but the cake inscription was written in both English and Korean. ( she remembered Glenn and I talking about the site "BabelFish" to look things cool is that!?) My five sister-in-laws bought a very special gift just for me.....a necklace with Noah's birthstone which is a pearl. So began the first tears of the day!! My Aunt Kathy, whom I am extremely close to, gave me a custom made mink teddy bear dressed in Asian attire as well as teddy bear china that used to be my Grandmother's. ( insert more sniffing and tears here....) I also got a gorgeous handmade quilt with the most adorable monkey pattern from my sister-in-law Jill. ( this is only the second one she's ever made and after I saw her first I was keeping my fingers crossed that I would be receiving one from her too. I just love it!) The pile of gifts was never ending. ( and according to my friend Mary, I am the slowest gift opener EVER!! Sorry guys! ) There were so many cute outfits, toys, blankets....the list goes on and on. I think we got it all!! My mom also got me my Chunei ( Korean baby carrier ) which I really, really wanted. I can't wait to snuggle with Noah and carry him around in it!

The final gift ( and tearjerker) of the day was a gift from my sister and brother-in-law. Nine years ago Jim made a custom book shelf when Lisa was pregnant with her first daughter, Olivia. I have always loved this shelf and really wanted one for Noah's nursery. I was going to buy one from Pottery Barn but Glenn kept telling me to wait. ( which I was not happy about and bugged him on a daily basis about ordering :) Well, as it turns out, Glenn was stalling because he knew that Jim was building one for me!! I couldn't believe my eyes! There was the shelf ( hidden under a sheet!) filled with books that my sister and her three kids picked out and each and every book has an inscription from either my sister or one of the kids. I am beyond touched that Jim wanted to do this for me. He has always been like another brother to me. Talk about a gift truly made from the heart.

I could go on and on about the day. I feel so lucky to have such amazing friends and family whom I love so much. My mom worked her butt off to make everything so special and I know that it showed! Thank you to everyone for your love, your support, your excitement and generosity! I can't wait for Noah to meet each and every one of you!!

( here's some random photos of the cake and decorations, the quilt, me and my mom and sister, my sister-in-laws and me with my new necklace, the mink teddy bear, me giving a Chunei tutorial!, and a half shot of the book shelf....I'll post another one once it is hung! )