Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Let the shopping begin!!!!

Since we got our referral of Noah, we really have not done much shopping. We are extremely fortunate to have all of my nephew Jack's hand-me downs and my sister has already brought over three giant containers of clothes that have everything from 18-24 months sizes all the way up to size 6!!! ( are we set, or what?!!!) Glenn and I keep joking that I need to tell Lisa that when she shops for Jack from now on that I'd like to go with her. ( hey...if the stuff is gonna be Noah's some day, why not try and get some input, right?) Anyway, after getting the current photos and height and weight of our boy, I finally got the itch to buy a few things for him. We picked out a few t-shirts and a button-up that looks just like something Glenn would love to wear. This of course makes us even more excited for him to get here so we can dress him in all his cool new clothes!!