Saturday, May 23, 2009

New photos of Noah!!!!

What an amazing day today turned out to be!!! I got home from work around 5:30, stopped at our mailbox to get the mail and noticed a small manila envelope peeking out from under some junk mail. I noticed our agency's logo on it and almost immediately ripped it open, when it suddenly occurred to me that there could possibly be photos in there! I felt the envelope and it felt like it could be. ( I also remembered that my friend Angie had mentioned some time ago that our agency director was going to Korea in May and that maybe I would get some updated photos. The thought crossed my mind about a week ago, and since the month is just about over, I figured that we probably wouldn't be getting any. ) I was pulling into our driveway, I called Glenn on his cell phone and said, "come outside right away!!!!!" I handed him the envelope, told him what I thought was inside and insisted he do the honors being that I had the pleasure of opening the first ones! And there he was!!!! Our baby boy looking so much older with his beautiful head of hair!! We were happy to have another photo of him with his foster mommy and a few photos of our agency director with him as well. Once we could put down the photos and get ourselves inside the house, we looked at them about ten times more and then I quickly called my parents to tell them the news. We went and spent the evening with them as I knew they were just as excited to see the current photos of their soon -to- be new grandbaby.

So here he is!!! These photos were taken just a few days ago, on May 19th. ( which is the day before he turned 11 months old. )


  1. So cute!! I love his hair! That will keep you on a high right til travel call....

  2. Sweet Colleen. Now I'm REALLY wishing we would have visited on my trip to PA! I am so excited for you to get these updated pictures. I can't wait to hear more and more of when he's coming home! (Have you called Embassy??)

  3. Very cute!

    Lots of hair to play with!

  4. He is SO cute Colleen, congratulations! Hope he's home very soon...