Sunday, April 26, 2009

I-600 Approval!! I wanna jump for joy!!!

We are one step closer to little Noah Lee coming home!! As nice as it has been to not have paperwork to fill out, it is hard just waiting. Since we filed our acceptance paperwork for Noah, our work has been done for a while. We have basically been waiting for our I-600 Immigration form to be filed by our agency and then approved. I e-mailed Immigration last Wednesday ( thanks again for the e-mail address, Jackie!!) and I was told on Thursday that they received my paperwork on March 31st and that it takes 6-8 weeks for approval, No Exceptions! I was a bit bummed and thought that at this rate, we might not get approval until the end of May. Well, much to my surprise, when I got the mail Saturday after work...the approval had arrived!!! ( I secretly was hoping it might be, but then figured I must be on crack to think it was even a possibility after what I was just told.) They approved us on April it took just 3 weeks and two days!!

Ok, so by now you are all wanting to ask, " so when does he come home then?" Good question. There is still alot of paperwork that has to happen between here and Korea from what I understand. All the lingo is still alot of jibberish to me. Something about P3's, the NVC and even maybe OPP??? ( oh wait...that's just a Naughty by Nature song from back in the day I used to love :) YOU DOWN WIT' OPP...YEAH YOU KNOW ME!!!! Sorry...I got off track there for a sec. Anyway, once my dear friends Jackie and Angie break it all down for me ( hi guys!!) I will try and explain it all to you.

In the meantime, as I like to post a photo with each blog post, this is me in the midst of doing my famous "Russian" off the diving board. Me, my sister and friend Leslee were quite good at this in our younger days, and this is how I would "jump for joy" right now if I still could touch my toes in mid air:)


  1. Woo hoo on the I600, one step closer

  2. happy happy joy joy!!

    one step closer!

    I bet you could still touch your toes would just probably be more like squinched up in a ball though!

  3. Perfect picture for a great post.