Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lucky 7's

One of my fellow bloggy friends ( Hi Joanna!!) tagged me in this little game to help keep me distracted from the wait for Noah. Lord knows I could use all of the distractions that I can get!! Here goes....

Things I'm looking forward to:

1) going out to dinner tonight with my amazing sister-in-laws.
2) Ryan (my baby brother) coming home from California on Saturday for a visit
3) getting the call from my agency telling me that Noah is coming home!!
4) the very first moment that Glenn and I see Noah for the very first time
5) finally being a Mom
6) watching Glenn be the most wonderful dad
7) being able to finally tell everyone...."It's time! He's coming!!!!"

Things I did yesterday:

1) doctor's appointment
2) shopping for some tops and sandals
3) snuggled with Simon
4) laundry, laundry and more laundry
5) ate some not so great Mexican food
6) drank a very yummy pomegranate margarita
7) tossed and turned, didn't sleep well and got up three times to pee :)

Things I wish I could do:

1) be more patient during this awful wait
2) start exercising again
3) stop eating so many sweets
4) travel and see the world whenever I felt like it
5) wave a magic wand and heal my dad's pain
6) play the piano
7) cook without having to follow recipes

Shows I watch:

1) Survivor
2) The Office
3) The Amazing Race
4) Lost
5) Californication
6) Dexter
7) repeats of Everybody Loves Raymond and The King of Queens

There ya have it! Instead of tagging anyone, feel free to post your list in the comments section of this post!!! I'd love to see your lists. :)


  1. I was also tagged in this game...
    Like your lists. :-)

  2. I love me some Doug Heffernan too!

  3. Things I'm looking forward to:

    1) hosting dinner for my family from PA and my dad
    2) a little road trip with Rye and Jadon
    3) Rye starting work on the 27th
    4) September - busy month - race, sister's wedding and a class reunion that I am planning
    5) Jadon's swim lessons
    6) some more lake time
    7) and getting the message on FB or here from Colleen regarding them going to get Noah

    Things I did yesterday:

    1) work
    2) snap, snaps and cook them for tonight
    3) take corn off the cob for tonight
    4) make cucumber salad for tonight
    5) enjoyed my date night with husband while my dad has Jadon
    6) made a dessert for tonight
    7) watched Young and Restless

    Things I wish I could do:

    1) go traveling for free
    2) never worry
    3) help more people
    4) make a difference in someone's life
    5) get to know my family more
    6) go whale watching
    7) drive a fast car very fast

    Shows I watch:

    1) Young and Restless
    2) Private Practice
    3) Grey's Anatomy
    4) Ghost Whisperer
    5) Big Brother - starts tonight!
    6) Desperate Housewives
    7) Brothers and Sisters