Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Artwork contest from one of my faves!!!!!

I had to pass this great contest along......even though by doing so I am lessening my chances to win:)

Do you remember the adorable piece of artwork that I bought called "a frog and a slug went walking"??? Well....that amazing artist, kil sook, is part of a contest and you can win one of her prints!! All you have to do is check out her shop on Etsy, pick out your favorite print, and then leave a comment stating your fave and you are entered! How easy is that? Here is the link to the contest:

These are some of my latest favorites. Not only are her pieces unique, but they have the best quirky titles as well. These three are titled:

rice candy and a poppy red barrette

asian catholic school kids, day 1 - look at my tube socks

then there will be days, when you just feel like wearing a sock monkey on your head

Hop on over and enter....but better hurry!...the contest ends Sunday, July 5th at 11:59 p.m.

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