Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A much needed night out

I am so lucky to not only have a sister that I truly adore, but also 6 sister-in-laws that are amazing as well. We try to get together for dinner a few times a year.....just us girls :)....and I was so happy that I could make it tonight. It was not only fun to be in their company but another great distraction from our "wait." The photos are of Glenn's three sisters ( Joan, Cindy and Robin), and me and Jill, who is married to one of Glenn's brothers. The only one missing was Tina ( married to another brother.....yes, Glenn has a big family. He is the youngest of 8!!!), and Lynn who lives in North Carolina.....unfortunately it would be quite a long trip for her to make it to dinner! Thanks girls for a much needed night out!!


  1. You deserve it girl! I love my sister in law too.
    Glad you had a fun night

  2. Looks like you girls had fun. Sorry Tina was missing, but I am enjoying the time with them :) Wish I could join you guys.