Sunday, June 28, 2009

Two More Baby Showers!!

Glenn and I were both totally surprised and touched when we each were given a baby shower at work. Our bosses and co-workers were so unbelievably generous. Glenn's shower was about two weeks ago. As someone who hates to be the center of attention, he just about died when he walked into a "supposed meeting" and saw his entire company standing there yelling "surprise!!" How cool that they threw a shower for a guy!!!! He was truly blown away by it all.
My second shower was on Saturday. I have only been at my new job for three months now, so you can imagine how shocked I was that the girls did such a completely heartfelt thing for me. They too were way too generous with both the gifts and all of the food that they prepared. It was a nice little party right in the salon at the end of the day. I'm so ridiculously oblivious half of the time that it wasn't too difficult to pull one over on me!!
Glenn and I are just so thankful to have jobs and co-workers that we love. It has been so wonderful to be surrounded by so much support and excitement not only from friends and family but at our jobs as well.
Unfortunately I don't have any photos from Glenn's shower ( which he is quite fine with!) or from mine just yet, but this is a photo of all of my beautiful co-workers that was used for an ad before I started working there. Are they all totally gorgeous, or what?!!!

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