Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Noah Lee!!!!!

Yes.... today our baby boy turns ONE!!! As much as Glenn and I truly wish that Noah was here with us today to celebrate, we are sure that his foster mom is making it a very special day for him. We knew deep down that it was a longshot that he'd be home by now, but I think secretly we were both wishing for a miracle. Rather than being sad today about what we don't have right now I am instead thinking of Noah's birthmother and what a significant day this will always be for her. Wherever she is, I can only imagine that her beautiful son has been in her thoughts all day today. I can only imagine that she is wondering where he is.....what he looks like now.....if he is being taken care of.....the list must go on and on. It must be an extremely emotional day for her today as well.
One thing is for certain.....Noah will grow up knowing that he is such a lucky boy to have three moms ( and of course an amazing Dad!!!) who love him unconditionally.

Happy First Birthday, Noah!! We love you!!


  1. Beautiful post, Coll. So gracious! Happy Birthday to Noah!!!

  2. Col, You write from your heart and it comes through with every word you write so beautifully. I'm glad you were able to celebrate Noah's 1st birthday so gracefully, and knowing he'll be with you for all of the rest must give you real joy.