Monday, June 22, 2009

Noah's Birthday Presents!

Glenn and I had a grand 'ole time picking out some toys for Noah. Every child has to have a See 'N Say, right?!! ( although this toy now reminds me of a very funny episode of "King of Queens" I saw one night recently where Doug, his father-in-law and friend decide to use it to gamble and place bets on which animal it will land on!! Funny stuff!!) Glenn couldn't wait to pick out a big Tonka truck and I decided that Noah had to have a Little People Noah's Ark. ( yes, because his name is Noah :) Hurry up and get here Noah so you can play with all of your new toys!!!


  1. Hurry home Noah!
    a)I love the 'little people' series
    b)I love me some King of Queens too

  2. I actually still have some of my old wooden little people! Love them!