Monday, June 8, 2009

FLIP Video

I talked Coll into the idea that I needed a pocket video camera "for Noah!" Its called The Flip Mino HD and its friggin great. Its about the size of a cell phone, well a little bigger and fatter, kinda like the phone I had back in 1998 but still.....  The video quality is pretty good but the ease of use and the built in USB makes it a homerun. 
It cost around $200 bucks. Out the door price of around $250 with the extra warrantee, cables and shipping. You can find it here

Next: I think Noah needs a xbox 360! Sweet! I love having a kid!!!

Click below to see a sample video (look for the HD button if your machine can take it)


  1. Glenn, I love this video. I keep replaying it. It makes me want to drive down the road with my head out the window. Oh to have the life of a dog. Perfect accompanying music...what is it?

  2. Rich bought one of these and really likes it. Decent video for not a ton of money. --Christie

  3. Hmmm, I like that and love the video. I too, watched a few times. Can't wait to see videos with Noah and some cool music to go with it.