Tuesday, March 3, 2009

baby brother Ryan

Today I went and met with the pediatrician that we will be using once our baby comes home. The homestudy agency recommended that when we get our referral (which is basically being matched with our child and getting photos and medical information on them), we should bring the info to our pediatrician to look over and give us the ok that all looks good. It was a really nice meeting. His office staff was so warm and friendly, as was he. Hopefully before the month is over I'll be giving him that call to say, "we have our referral!!!" Dr. Abir not only takes care of my sister's three children, but also took care of my baby brother, Ryan, for many years. I have a habit of still referring to him as that even though he is now 26 years old. My siblings and I really enjoyed having a little guy around while growing up. He was a great source of entertainment! He now lives in California and is happy as can be out there. We all miss him so much! So this post is in honor of you, baby brother! Love, Big Sister

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  1. OK, now that's the Ryan I remember!

    Love all your 'do's Coll!