Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Our first gifts for Noah

Glenn and I had a really nice dinner Saturday night with my parents and my Aunt Kathy. We all met up at Ted's Montana Grill ( thanks again Lisa and Jim for the gift certificate!) and our meal was just delicious!! Of course the steak was great, but they also serve the best darn tasting pickles as a little appetizer. I could have made a meal out of just them! But enough about the food! Aunt Kathy gave us the cutest little outfit and toys for Noah. The monkey....of course!...is my favorite. When you press his little belly, not only does he make music, but his cheeks light up! As I was opening the package, I realized that this is our first baby gift for Noah. It certainly made things seem all that much more real. For the past two weeks I have been staring at the 8 x 10 photo of him that we had enlarged and constantly peek at the smaller ones that I carry in my purse. Receiving this gift was almost some type of reassurance that, YES!!!, he is your baby and he'll be home before you know it!!

So thank you again, Aunt Kathy. Glenn and I are so very lucky to have you in our lives and we can't wait for you to be a part of Noah's!!!

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