Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Home Visit in the dark.......

Well, we survived our home visit! Thursday started out a very interesting day as we had no electricity. Everyone else in our neighborhood had power.....go figure. I tried not to panic and figured it was probably something small, no need to call the social worker and cancel just yet. By two o'clock, the worry set in. I called our social worker to let her know the situation, and she couldn't have been nicer. She said she was fine coming out and doing our home visit by candlelight! Phew!!! I was so relieved that we didn't have to cancel. It was a crazy day as I had no power, no phone, no nothing! (and of course it was the one time that my cellphone wasn't charged either, so when I wanted to make a call I had to go sit in my car with the engine running and plug my phone in!!)

Our social worker arrived at 7:30 p.m. The house actually looked kind of nice with all of the many candles we had lit and luckily our gas fireplace was working so our living room at least was warm and cozy. We all sat around the fireplace and chatted for about an hour. It was really a very relaxed conversation. She asked us a few more questions...nothing major...and then we talked a bit more. She told us she'd have the report written up this weekend.....which I was sooo surprised to hear that she could do it that quickly! Glenn and I were both on quite an excitement high after she left! Once step closer to our referral and being matched with our baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(On a side note in case anyone is interested in our electricity drama........... As it turns out, PECO Energy had to come out that night and dig a GIANT hole in our front yard to assess the problem. It seems that when Verizon came through our neighborhood some time ago to put in their wiring for their Fios services in, they nicked our PECO wires and Thursday was the day they finally burned all the way through! So, they fixed it temporarily and the power came back on very early the next morning. doesn't end there!! I picked up my phone Friday morning...and still no phone service! So I call Comcast, (who we have our phone, internet and cable tv through), and they had to send someone out. It seems that when PECO's crew was fixing their wires the night before, they now cut right through our Comcast wires! So now we have a big orange cable strung across our driveway that has us hooked up to their power source via our neighbor..(thanks, Stevie!!!), until they can dig open the big 'ole hole themselves to fix their wires! What an adventure! I'm just glad to have my phone and internet back! It's amazing how lost you feel and so cut off from everything without it. How did we ever survive without e-mail and internet service!! :)


  1. So glad it went well despite the mishap! What a story you will have for years and years to tell your baby!

  2. It's always something, isn't it? Glad it worked out, anyway! So glad things are moving along, and that you're a step closer to your baby!

  3. P.S. that was Jill, not Sean. I have no idea how he is signed in. Oh well!

  4. I'm glad your visit went well! Am enjoying your blog- thanks for sharing this with us!