Saturday, March 14, 2009

Getting a little closer!

Yesterday afternoon I received a phone call from our homestudy agency. They were calling to inform me that they had just mailed out our homestudy report to our adoption agency and that they should receive it by Monday! I was hoping all week to get this call, so at least I can be a bit more relaxed this weekend. Basically what this all means is that once the director of our adoption agency receives the homestudy, we could possibly get our referral of our baby very shortly thereafter! From what I have been told from the homestudy agency.....our adoption agency gets their referrals from Korea in batches. If they have not yet matched all of the babies in their most recent batch, they could possibly have the information for the baby they want to match with us sitting on their desk right now!!! ( amazing, right?!!!!) Otherwise, I am not sure....or is the homestudy long it would be for our referral. They basically just told me that if I did not hear from the adoption agency by this coming Friday, to then give them a call. So, here's hoping that we are as lucky as my friends Jackie and Angie, and get that referral next week!!!!! (ohhh.... and this is what Glenn and I look like when we are reallllly, reallllly excited :)


  1. LOL at the picture!!!! You crack me up!

    I have never heard of the batches thing before! Interesting! You WILL get the call this week -- on Tuesday like I said :)

  2. Here it is Monday, and I'm wondering how he can look like my goffy brother, then I see this new picture, hmmmm. Words can't express the happiness I feel for you both. We are blessed, and our little newphew will know how much he is loved and welcomed. xoxox

  3. So I gave your blog a second chance and was dissappointed that there is still nothing about hot babes, beers, or where to find the most ultimate parties. Isn't a blog about helping people Coll? I don't see what learning about babies is gonna do. Besides, aren't you supposed to be the cool sister?
    Lisa's blog at least talks about cars and dirt bikes...