Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lots and lots of reading to do

I love Amazon.com! When Glenn and I went for our educational meeting at the homestudy agency, the directors and social worker made some suggestions of books that we should read. I knew I wanted to start doing some reading, but wasn't quite sure which books to buy. (there's a lot out there to choose from!) There was also another couple that attended the meeting with us, and they were reading a book that they really liked as well.

My books came late last week, so now I have plenty of reading to do! I also wound up ordering some children's books, a book on the culture and customs of Korea, and a Korean cookbook (no laughing! I know I don't cook much, but, hey! I'll have to once I have a child and might as well give it a whirl!!!) My sister-in- law mentioned a great market to get Korean food and ingredients, so Glenn and I will be giving her a call for a little day trip very soon! (Thanks for the offer, Tina!)

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